Little Thoughts: To A Boy

He pulled her in with his piercing blue eyes

A smile that provided comfort

but also joy

and a heartbeat that pulsated in a rhythm she could dance to

Two people from different worlds who for one single

second of time were connected


He made her laugh, calling out her name in weird and mischievous ways

Pulling her in close, he began to leave his mark on her body

Invisible finger prints from shoulder rubs and high-fives

Two souls whispered thoughts at night about the future –

where they were going and who they wanted to be

Two different destinations for two people who were

connected that night


He made her believe in love and the possibility

of finding someone to share forever with

Lips spoke a truth that was too dark to be shared

and a soul screamed out understanding

Trust was easy when someone was so beautiful

Two people who knew each other a little bit more than friends

but not enough to be lovers


Two people with insane chemistry who never became one


Two people who turned and walked away

Discussing feelings vanished as an option

He went on to march to the beat of a patriotic heartbeat

Fighting for the country but also for the demons inside of himself to die

She went on to dance to the rhythm of the people

Wanting to cure others but to also ease the anxiety that flowed through her bones


Two people

who for a single second

shared a world

are now a world



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