Little Thoughts: Mesmerizing, Captivating, Loving


Swirls of caramel in my coffee,

tiny flakes of snow on my lashes before the storm becomes too strong,

cozying up in blankets, reading stories about worlds far away, under the glow of my christmas lights

comfortable, gentle, warm.

Soft skin, brown eyes, a tightrope of strength and kindness

mesmerizing, captivating, loving.


Have you ever seen someone and just wanted to tell them exactly how you’re feeling because for some crazy reason, even though you’ve never spoken before in your entire life, you know they will understand? Well that is how I felt when I first saw you.


But I am sorry

for somewhere along the lines, my thoughts have become tangled

and the circuits of my brain seem to twist and turn and come up with

the fact that 1 + 1 = just



lonely, tired and scared.


For you, you were the face in the crowd that I longed to see

eyes searching, up and down and around, hoping that in the buzz of the city,

on one gum filled asphalt block we would lock eyes


But what happened when this wish was granted —

when for one moment in time your gentle eyes met mine?


Eyes are the window to soul, and well, you’ve found mine.

For your eyes seem to leave me unable to move


as they expose my vulnerable, unspoken thoughts to your conscious

free to be criticized, judged and abandoned once more.


For I am merely a girl who longs to be loved by you, but is unable to let you in

due to a few too many burns that have touched my skin

Now tell me, where is the justice in that?










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