Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President,

You do not know me. I am merely one single face in a mass of people who are simply trying their best to live the life they have always dreamed of. But thanks to your position of power, I know you – well not personally, but through your policies and statements I have been able to piece together an idea of who you are. Unfortunately, this person that I have assembled from scraps of your personal tweets, videos from your press conferences and reading your executive orders, is not someone who should be representing America.

America is a promise land. A place where people come with nothing but hope tucked into the back of their frayed pocket after surviving horrific situations that neither you or I could ever imagine. We are lucky. We have no idea what it is like to wake up and wonder if today is the day that we will die. When our family members are late coming home, we assume they are stuck in traffic or took a detour to the store to pick up milk. Thoughts of them being late because they have been bombed or stabbed to death don’t cross our minds. But that is the reality for the hundred of thousands of refugees that you have just prevented from coming to our country for safety. These aren’t people who want to harm us- they are survivors. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, artists, doctors, politicians, teachers, lovers, and most importantly, dreamers. They are stronger than you and I will ever be because they learned to live in an environment that only championed death.

To deny these people from having the opportunity to turn their lives around after all they have survived through is inhumane. It is disgusting, intolerable and unconstitutional. But most of all, it is un-American. How can you stand there and say you want what is best for the American people when you are going against all of our values?

Freedom of religion means that we aren’t going to prosecute others for what they believe in. Everyone can believe in whatever they want. To sit there and say that White Christians can come into our country while Muslims can’t is honestly disgusting. Just because somewhere you have allowed this twisted belief that says that White Christians are angels and Muslims are sinners to seep into your brain DOES NOT mean that you are correct. Hundreds of Christians have killed while millions of Muslims have weeped and vice versa. To think that somehow religion is the only influencer on our behavior is one of the most uneducated thoughts that you could ever have. There are thousands of reasons why people behave and do what they do. People of every race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, gender and age are saints and sinners. To limit the criminal to those of a certain religion WILL NOT make America safer.


For when we try to separate ourselves from the outside world, we lose valuable perspectives that can aid in helping America move forward. Everyone in the world has gone through different experiences that have shaped their view points. Not everyone was handed a million dollars as a child and allowed to become a “successful” business man. I am not criticizing the way that you were brought up. I am merely pointing out that in this country and across the world, people are being raised in mansions, suburbs, community housing and the streets. Each person has a different understanding of what it is like to be alive. Instead of discrediting those who were raised from poorer circumstances, we should be empowering them. Instead of writing off others as being unable to help America thrive because they come from different cultures, we should be sitting down and listening to their stories. Everyone has something to bring to the table. By preventing people from coming to the table, you are limiting the amount of conversations that can occur.

Listen to others. Hear what they have to say. Take bits and pieces from their stories and allow those to challenge and possibly change your view points. For, I have noticed, Mr. President, that you are not very good at listening. The second someone criticizes your viewpoints, you attack them in any way you can. Try listening and asking questions instead – you might be surprised at what you will learn.

Mr. President, my vote wasn’t for you and never will be for you. But that doesn’t mean that I want you to fail or that I hate you because you are a Republican. I dislike you because you are not the person that should be representing America because at the root of it- your core values are not America’s core values. We are a nation that includes all and allows people that come from all walks of life to thrive. We are a nation that does not censor others from expressing their opinions. We are a nation that listens and learns from our mistakes. We are a nation of lovers, educators, peacemakers, learners, dreamers, all coming together for one common goal – we all want to thrive.

You are getting in the way of this goal but you will not stop us. For if there is one thing I am certain of, it is that love will always win. Do yourself a favor and stand on the winning side of history.


A girl who doesn’t think her white immigrant parents should be a priority over thousands of people who are fleeing from prosecution


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