Little Thoughts: A Photograph in Time

You and I are a photograph in time. One snapshot of my life and yours that somehow ended up with both of us in the frame. For, out of all of the people in the world for my path to intertwine with, I came across yours.

We are connected, whether you like it or not. Bound together by a bond that existed at some point but is appearing to be weaker than I originally thought. Becoming friends with people is odd. For one second in time, I shared everything with you. You were the one I turned to when I needed help coping with my anxiety. When my world was literally turned upside down the fall of my senior year, you were the one I stayed up all night talking to. You were the one making me laugh by messing up my hair or tickling my waist or jumping out from behind fixtures. You were my person.

And then all of a sudden, you weren’t.

Two strangers who once shared everything, now don’t talk at all.

I’m not upset that you decided I wasn’t the one for you. I understand that life got in the way. For your goals and ambitions weren’t my goals and ambitions and truth be told, distance led to our demise.

I am only saddened to say that you were my support and suddenly I found I was barely crawling on my own.

You and I are a moment in time. Stuck in the past in a world that is constantly rushing forward toward the next opportunity.

That is all we can be,

two who are now

one and one.

And while I have learned to stand on my own two feet again, I still find myself slumping to the side from time to time, anticipating that hand to catch me one last time.




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