Cozy and Comfy Snow Day Outfits

It’s that time of year again where snow is falling and the sidewalks are becoming harder to walk down. Being from the suburbs of Massachusetts, I know a thing or two about snow days. These are the days where one wishes to be comfy and warm but also wants to look cute for the millions of snow photos that will be taken. Below are some of my favorite pieces to keep you covered from head to toe while being comfy but also looking put together.

Sweaters, Button-Downs and Quarter-Zips

  • BDG Cable High/Low Crew Neck Sweater from Urban Outfitters This sweater is not only pretty to look at but it also is going to keep you very warm in the middle of the winter. Coming in a plethora of colors, there is definitely one that will match your skin tone. On sale currently for $39, it is a steal. 
  • AEO Ahh-mazing Soft Boyfriend Plaid Shirt I used to think that plaid just wasn’t for me, but when I picked up this shirt from American Eagle, I changed my mind. The super soft shirt is surprisingly warm. If I was able to find a color that I liked, there is no doubt that all the flannel lovers out there will want to pick this shirt up ASAP.
  • Patagonia Women’s Better Sweater Quarter Zip Fleece There are some snow days where all I want to do is throw on a sweatshirt and not take too long planning an outfit. This quarter zip fleece is perfect for those days. It’s a no fuss option that provides a lot of warmth but also looks cute on. 

Coats, Coats & more coats

  • Columbia Women’s Might Lite Hooded Jacket This is the jacket that I recently got for Christmas and I am absolutely in love it with. It’s super light weight while also keeping me nice and toasty when I’m waiting at the bus stop for the bus that never comes on time. The pockets are fleece lined making them live savers on the days I forget to bring my gloves with me. 
  • Guess Double Breasted Boucle Cutaway Coat Another jacket that I personally own, this is perfect those days where you want to look more chic and less like a skier. Made from 48% wool, the coat is extremely warm. 
  • Madewell Leopold Military Parka This jacket has a military vibe to it that makes it slightly different from the regular winter coat. It comes with a faux fur hood and a cinched waist. This jacket is perfect for any occasions during the winter months.

Leggings and Jeans

  •  Lululemon Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) *Infinite One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was picking up a pair of these pants. They are way thicker than the normal leggings making them extra warm during the winter. 
  • 7 For All ManKind Slim Illusion Luxe the Skinny with Contour Waistband Basically any 7 for all mankind jean will keep you covered but these ones are a personal favorite. They are simple but also comfortable for moving around in.

Accessorizing the Look

  • Perry Women’s Saltwater Duck Boots Extremely similar to the Bean boots, these ones don’t come with the huge waitlist. Their grip has gotten me through countless winters of 12+ inches of snow. They are extremely durable while always keeping my feet nice and dry. 
  • Hunter Women’s Tall Gloss Rain Boots These boots are multi-purpose as they are great for the rain while also surprisingly being able to handle snow like a pro. They have great grip and are very cute. For those that like a more matte look, there are ones without gloss available. 
  • Jack Wills Traboe Cable Twist Knit Hat This hat is the perfect thing to keep your hair in place and your head dry. The pom-pom makes it adorable and your ears will thank you later for the warmth. 
  • Eddie Baures Women’s Lost Lake Blanket Scarf–39-s-lost-lake-blanket-scarf/71604131/_/A-ebSku_0164131334__71604131_catalog10002_en__US?showProducts=111&backToCat=&previousPage=SRC&tab=&color=100. Do yourself a favor and pick up a blanket scarf. They are a go-to accessory for me as I live in Pittsburgh where the wind is always blowing that cold air right into my face. Being so big, these blankets cover a lot of the face and neck keeping the body nice and cozy all day long. 

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